Ms. Chantal Gamble

Lead Teacher Grade 3

  • Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Sussex, UK
  • TEFL Certification
  • Teacher in Vietnam for 6 years
  • Headteacher and manager at American Education Group
  • Curriculum Developer and Marketing Specialist at American Education Group

Miss Chantal is from London, England and has lived in Vietnam for the past 5 years. She has gained a multitude of experience in different academic roles and schools. She has experience working with students from Kindergarten up until Grade 12 but prefers to work with primary aged students as she loves her classroom to be full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. Miss Chantal has experience working as a STEM curriculum developer and has a flair for creating engaging and informative lessons. Since studying Psychology she has developed a keen interest in Educational Psychology and brings an all-inclusive and growth mindset approach into her classroom to ensure all students are thriving. Outside of the classroom, Miss Chantal enjoys meditation, reading and swimming.