Children are grouped into three House Teams: BlueYellow and Red Houses

♦ Why do we have a house points system?

There are many reasons for a house points system but first and foremost is o strengthen the school’s community and encourage children to see themselves as part of a bigger team. It gives leadership and pastoral roles to older children. It is also a chance for us to help children see that:

  • When we make good choices it can be good for everyone.
  • We can all be successful if we work hard and if we work together.
  • It is good to work with other people towards a goal.
  • When we make poor choices this can affect other people and that we are responsible to ourselves and others for the things we do.

♦ How does it work?

Every child and member of staff is given one of these three Houses to support. Each child is placed in a House on entry to school and remains a member of this team throughout their time at the school. Siblings are placed in the same House team, but numbers in each team should be even across each class and the whole school.

Teaching and non-teaching staff also belong to a House, with the exception of the Principal, Vice-Principal, and Academic Director, and they encourage and support the children in positive team building through the House system.

♦ Recording points

Teachers record points in class. The display should be visible to the students. At the end of each week, scores should be written up outside the door. The House Captains will collect points from teachers inform the academic director. Top students each term will win awards.

♦ Earning Points

Classroom teachers can award points for:

  • 1 point for good behavior, on time arrival, having PE/Swimming Kit, etc
  • 1 point for completing raz kids or other online work
  • 2 points for outstanding work or contribution to the class, or weekly Superstar
  • 3 points for monthly Superstar

You may want to link this in to your classroom behavior systems. Students can also earn:

  • 1 point from if ‘caught being good’, e.g. using one of the FIS Six Kinds of Best
  • 1 point from if they are following the life skills instructions for that month
  • 1 point for outstanding effort of work (in clubs, dance, Vietnamese, etc)
  • 2 points for taking part in an inter-school game or other events
  • 5 points for 100% attendance in 1 semester (awarded by admin 1 week before end of semester), or 100% attendance to a club (including English/Math help club)

10 points for the house (not the student) for winning the Challenge Cup + colors on cup.

♦ Notice Board

A board displaying current points will be placed outside in the playground. Students can check to see how their House is performing.

♦ Houses and the House Captains

Each House is represented by their House Captain and Vice House Captain. One House Captain is elected from the Year 5 pupils and one Vice-Captain from Year 4 pupils and they provide positive leadership to the children representing their house and the school in the community and a range of school events and activities. The responsibilities of the House Captains include:

  • to set an example to the other children
  • collect and count house points (weekly)
  • to earn house points and encourage others to do so
  • to represent the house when collecting awards
  • to be somebody others can turn to for advice
  • lead their house in games at recess
  • houses may host an assembly
  • buddy of younger children in their house

At the beginning of the academic year, Year 5 and Year 4 children will prepare speeches to explain why they would make good House Captains and all Grade School pupils vote.

⇒ You can see the FIS House Points reported here:

It’s updated automatically every 5 minutes.