Ms. Ha Thi Le Khanh

Grade School Principal

♦ BSc in Elementary School Education (Pedagogical University, HCMC)

♦ Primary Education Training Certificate

♦ Secondary School Management Certificate

♦ Diploma in Intermediate Political Theory

♦ Intel Curriculum Teaching Certificate

♦ Certificate of Effective School Administration

♦ School Principal Certificate (Education Reformation 2009-10)

♦ Certificate of English: B Level

Ms. Khanh started work as the Principal of FOSCO International School from January 1, 2017.

During her 34 years in teaching and education management, she has gained a tremendous amount of experience. She feels it is an honor to join this friendly and enthusiastic team and that FIS is a marvelous place to work.

As a part of FIS, Ms. Khanh expects to bring all of her capabilities to bear to help our school continue to expand and grow.