Ms. Diana Villavicencio

K1 Lead Teacher 

♦ Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Arizona

♦ Taught in South Korea for 2 years.

♦ Taught early childhood education in China for 3 years.

♦ Taught 1 year with American English Group in Vietnam.

I really enjoy teaching the younger age groups because I like watching my students grow and improve in all areas besides English.

I really enjoy the enthusiasm and curiosity that young students acquire. I also look forward to spending time with my students and singing or dancing with them. In my experience, all students have potential and willingness to learn another language naturally when they are exposed to it at an early age. It is teachers’ and parents’ job to help children flourish and encourage development and independence so that the child can grow into a responsible individual.

When I’m not at school, I enjoy exploring the country and traveling. I also enjoy relaxing at home with my cat or spending time with friends.