On the morning of June 9, 2017, FOSCO International Kindergarten and Primary School (FIS), Service Company to Foreign Missions (FOSCO) – successfully held its 20th Anniversary  (1997 – 2017) and Year End Concert 2016-2017 at Army Theater.

Part of the Year End Concert was Graduation Ceremony for Prep classes who have just completed their Kindergarten level and Grade 5 their Primary Years, ready to move up to a new stage. The Grade 5 kids said goodbye to their teachers, classmates and school with mixed feelings of nostalgic, anxious and yet excited for the upcoming years.

The Year End Concert 2016 – 2017 ended the school year with lots of achievements due to the hard work of the teachers and students, and as a result of the School Management Team as well as the parents’ support and diligence in teaching and taking care of the students. The school and families are so glad to see the significant improvement of the kids during the year, not only in academics, but also in their maturity of skills and confidence. At the ceremony, the school gave out rewards to 20 best students, two from each class, who have achieved  highest scores in their Team House during the school year.

Closing the ceremony, Ms. Hà Thị Lệ Khanh – Principal of FIS expressed her thankfulness to FOSCO’s Management Board and the Parents for being always a companion, who trusted and stayed close with the school for many years . At the same time, the Principal also showed her appreciation to the teachers and all of the staff for their positive contribution to FIS’ development. She extended her best wishes to the teaching staff and the students for a fantastic summer and more success in their upcoming stages.

The school’s 20th Anniversary and Year End Concert 2016 – 2017 concluded with extraordinary success. It was a very meaningful celebration which marked 20 years of growth and development of FIS which they are all proud of.

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