Ms. Ha Thi Le Khanh

Grade School Principal

♦ BSc in Elementary School Education (Pedagogical University, HCMC)
♦ Primary Education Training Certificate
♦ Secondary School Management Certificate
♦ Diploma in Intermediate Political Theory
♦ Intel Curriculum Teaching Certificate
♦ Certificate of Effective School Administration
♦ School Principal Certificate (Education Reformation 2009-2010)
♦ Certificate of English: B Level

Ms. Khanh started work as the Principal of FOSCO International School from January 1, 2017. During her 34 years in teaching and education management, she has gained a tremendous amount of experience.

She feels it is an honor to join this friendly and enthusiastic team and that FIS is a marvelous place to work. As a part of FIS, Ms. Khanh expects to bring all of her capabilities to bear to help our school continue to expand and grow.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Truc

Preschool Principal

♦ Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Open University, HCMC (2013)

♦ BA in English, Van Lang University, HCMC (2004)

♦ College of Pedagogy, Preschool Education (2018)

♦ Certificate of Education Management, University of Pedagogy, Hanoi II, HCMC (2016)

♦ Certificate of Management Course, Preschool Education, University of Pedagogy, HCMC (2014)

♦ Certificate of the Training Course of English Teaching For Children, C.E.C (2007)

♦ Certificate of Techniques in English Language Teaching, C.E.C (2007)

♦ Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Certificates, University of Cambridge ESOL EXAMS (2009)

Ms. Kim Truc has been an addition to the Administration Team here at FOSCO International School (FIS), since September, 2013.  She has provided guidance, structure, and organization to the FIS Staff and the school as a whole.

Prior to 2007 when she started work at FIS, Ms. Kim Truc had gained valuable experience working at foreign companies located here in HCMC, as well as teaching English at foreign language centers, and working as a teacher at international schools. She brings to FIS a good working mix of formal training, personal know how, and the desire to achieve and grow as an educator.

She has been working at FOSCO International School since January, 2007.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai

Kindergarten Vice Principal

♦ Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Chilhood Education, Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, 2006

♦ Bachelor of Science Degree in English Language Teaching and Linguistics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2012

♦ Kindergarten Principal Certificate, 2017

♦ Teaching Knowledge Test Certificates, Cambridge University, 2010.

♦ Computer Skills Certificate

Ms. Xuan Mai brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise working with preschool children stemming from her previous experience at Minh Anh Chinese-Vietnamese Kindergarten School, District 5 and Super Kids Kindergarten School, District 3.

She has been working at FOSCO International School since 2008 as a kindergarten and elementary assistant teacher. She found happiness working with young children and wishes to continue to devote her time and energy to working with this population group that she has become so passionate about.

On her spare time, Ms. Xuan Main enjoys arts, crafts and dancing.


Ms. Phan Thi Mong Tuyen


♦ Bachelor of Associate Degree- Major in English, Teachers Training College of HCMC

♦ Bachelor of Economics Diploma– Major in Foreign Economic Relations, Foreign Trade University

♦ Training Certificate in teaching Kindergarten

♦ Certificate in Teaching Knowledge Test Of Cambridge University (TKT)

♦ Certificate in English and IT skills, Aptech Limited – New Delhi, India

Ms. Tuyen used to be a coordinator of Young Learners English Program at Vietnamese American Training College. Her experience with different ages and teaching areas at FOSCO International School for more than fifteen years makes her a valuable asset to the school. She loves working with kids, teaching, and helping them as well as seeing them grow, learn and develop every day.

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Truc

Admin Coordinator

♦ B.A in English, Dalat University, 1998
♦ Teaching Knowledge Test Certificates, Cambridge University, 2009
♦ Certificate of Curriculum Design and Material Development, India, 2010
♦ Human Resource Management, TalentLink, 2009 & Marketing for Educational Enterprise, BMG, 2010
♦ M.B.A, Columbia Southern University, 2013
♦ Certificate of Management Course, Preschool Education, University of Pedagogy, HCMC (2015)

Ms. Thanh Truc graduated her bachelor degree in English from University of Dalat in 1998 and had been working in an international organization in Ho Chi Minh City as the Administrator.  Since 2005, she has been working in the educational field. She completed her Cambridge Test Knowledge Teaching Certificate in 2009 and being trained for further course of Instructional Material Development & Curriculum Design, India, 2010.

She expanded her fields of knowledge with M.B.A from Columbia Southern University in 2013. She has a great deal of passion for working with students and parents. She works hard at working on the ins and outs of helping to run a school, ensuring the students, staff and families have what they need to be part of a safe, intelligent and committed working community.

She has been working at FOSCO since January, 2005.

Mr. Nick Avila

Academic Director

♦ Master of Social Welfare with PPSC, University of California, Berkeley, 2013

♦ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, San Diego State University, 2010

♦ Leadership Academy, Dominican University of California, 2015

♦ Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification

Mr. Nick comes to us from the United States of America.  He acquired a Master of Social Welfare Degree with PPSC from the University of California, Berkeley and completed his undergraduate study at San Diego State University where he studied psychology.

Mr. Nick has been trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis and has worked with children to help maximize individual potential in the classroom for several years.  Additionally, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of policies and programs through data driven analytics.  His leadership experience includes but is not limited to, sitting on the board of directors for multiple non-profit organizations and several advisory board committees which ultimately got him selected to participate in the Leadership Academy at Dominican University of California by his previous employer.  He has worked at schools at every level and has a great deal of knowledge in school systems and brings great innovative ideas on how to expand and improve curriculum activity to help enhance the educational experience for our student body.

On his spare time, Mr. Nick enjoys traveling, reading, hiking and going to the gym.