On the morning of June 9, 2017, FOSCO International Kindergarten and Primary School (FIS), Service Company to Foreign Missions (FOSCO) – successfully held its 20th Anniversary  (1997 – 2017) and Year End Concert 2016-2017 at Army Theater.

Founded in 1997, FIS has maintained good reputation and prestige of being able to deliver excellent schooling and childcare over many years. After graduating from FIS, many generations of students have moved on to study at other international schools or abroad and have achieved high distinctions in academics. We have successful students who are studying at the prestigious John Hopkins and  Harvard University. The school has received lots of precious love, high remarks and appreciation for the quality of teaching and studying from the parents and students.

Part of the Year End Concert was Graduation Ceremony for Prep classes who have just completed their Kindergarten level and Grade 5 their Primary Years, ready to move up to a new stage. The Grade 5 kids said goodbye to their teachers, classmates and school with mixed feelings of nostalgic, anxious and yet excited for the upcoming years.

At the event, FIS was lucky to have Mr. Quách Tuấn Khanh (Parent of Quách Nguyên Phúc – Grade 5 and a leading presenter in Vietnam), to share friendly and practical messages to all parents and express his family’s deep gratitude to the school and its staff for the quality education, personality building, culture, skills, life values that the school had provided to his son over the past 5 years. These made the boy mature as becoming a young man. Their family has considered FIS as a second family of theirs.

The school’s 20th Anniversary and Year End Concert 2016 – 2017 concluded with extraordinary success. It was a very meaningful celebration which marked 20 years of growth and development of FIS which they are all proud of.

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