Happy Mid-Autumn 2020

FIS hosted our annual Mid-Autumn Festival on October 1st filled with joy and laughter.

All grades joined together in the morning lantern parade wearing beautifully colored Ao Dai . Students shared their lantern creations and felt the warmth of tradition. During our morning assembly, we enjoyed performances from professional dragon dancers and were marveled by their skills. Our 5th graders performed Vietnam’s famous legend “The Moon Boy.”

After the entertainment, all classes participated in a fruit arranging competition. Four students from each grade collaborated on a fruit arrangement using their creativity. 1st grade and Kindergarten were the winners! During our break time, the entire school enjoyed moon cakes and took many photos with friends, teachers, and staff. We even took photos by Ao Dai color!

The “FIS Dragon Dance Competition” proved to be quite the show stopper. Mr. Thanh taught our little dragons extremely well. We concluded the day with a mini trivia about Vietnamese culture. Our students displayed their knowledge and cheered for each other for doing a great job!