Visit The Orphanage Of Fosco International School (FIS) – 2019

On January 19, 2019, students and staff had the chance to visit two different orphanages: Kỳ Quang Pagoda in Gò Vấp District & Pháp Võ Pagoda in Nhà Bè District.  It was a meaningful experience for all participants as they were able to take a close look at some of the difficult conditions of these impoverished communities.  Participants were able to hand deliver monetary funds (10,000,000 VND) to each orphanage as well as goods (milk, milo, snacks, clothing, etc) with the funds we’ve accumulated through the help and support of our FOSCO family.  Students displayed a musical performance for these communities as a means to show their love and support.  We are very proud of our students for their altruistic approach.  We not only strive for successful student achievement in the classroom, but also in their communities.  On behalf of FOSCO International School, we would like to thank everybody as none of this would be possible without the help and support of our FOSCO family!

* Photos of the trip to Ky Quang Pagoda:

* Photos of the trip to Phap Vo Pagoda: