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Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

FOSCO School celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

This morning (October 4, 2017), FOSCO International School marked the Mid-Autumn Festival with a colorful morning of fun and games.Every year, children and teachers celebrate by dressing in traditional costume and enjoying time together.
The celebration started with a parade of lanterns around the school grounds. Children had worked hard to prepare their lanterns  and all enjoyed showing them to the other students and proud parents. Prizes for the lanterns were given out to the classes by Mr. Darren, Academic Director, to award most traditional, most decorative, most creative, most fun…
This was followed by a dance by professional dragon dancers. All the children really enjoyed the two nimble dragons’ antics and helped to tame them. Later, students from the Grade school classes got a chance to impress with their own dragon dance, with Grade 5 judged to be the best.
The morning continued with poems written in Vietnamese by the students themselves on the theme of the Mid-Autumn festival. There were awards for the best poems, as selected by Ms. Khanh – Principal, and Ms. Thanh Truc – Vice-Principal.
Finally, there were fun games for all classes, including passing the mooncake, catching the dragon’s tail and trying to bang the drum while blindfolded!
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event, which is one of the early highlights in the FOSCO School year.
Mid-Autumn Festival program at FIS:
8:50 Parade
9:00 Professional Dragon Dance
9:15 Teachers Skit
9:25 Kids Dragon Dance
9:50 Poetry
10:00 Games
10:20 Prize announcements + Finish

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