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Parent-Teacher Orientation Meeting (PTO)

This week FIS opened its doors to all parents for the Parent-Teacher Orientation (PTO). This is an important event held at the start of every school year when parents get to meet teachers, ask questions and hear more about the curriculum and life here at FIS.
Mr. Darren Paine, Academic Director, introduced all parents to the curriculum this year. FIS uses the US Common Core standards, as used across the USA, ensuring that all children progress towards eventually being ready for college and careers. He also introduced some updates from this year. Parents were particularly interested in the life skills and values curriculum and the wide range of after-school clubs. They were also interested to hear about the school’s plans for Winter and Summer Overseas trip for students to Japan, USA, Canada and other countries.
Then, parents went into the classrooms to talk to the teachers. Teachers explained their plans for each class during the year and how parents can help their children learn. As well as getting to know each other a little better, parents got the chance to ask any questions they had.
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